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Chin Implant Prices

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Is a chin implant the right choice for me?

Chin implants (medical term is chin augmentation) are popular with both men and women who have a receding chin or weak jaw line. Chin augmentation is often combined with other facial cosmetic surgery such as a face lift, brow lift, and cheek implants. The procedure is often recommended for people who undergo nose surgery, as a prominent nose can look even larger with a small chin. Chin implants help to give a more defined jaw line, a well proportioned face, and can improve the overall silhouette of the face. A receding chin is often a result of ageing, but can also be hereditary or from a deformity.

How much will my chin implant cost?

Chin implant prices vary between clinics and will depend on your individual requirements. You can expect to pay from £3000 to £4000 in the UK, and most clinics offer payment plans for those on a budget.

What will happen during my chin implant surgery?

Before undergoing any cosmetic surgery you will be required to attend a personal consultation to discuss your suitability and individual needs. Most people who have chin implants spend either just a day in hospital or stay overnight, but this again depends on the person. Usually a general anesthetic is given and the procedure can take from 1-2 hours. An incision is made inside the mouth along the lower lip or sometimes outside of the mouth along the natural crease under the chin. A pocket is created to insert the silicone or non toxic implant in front of the jaw. The implant will look and feel like normal bone and will be carefully shaped and trimmed to fit the individual. Soluble stitches are used to complete the procedure.

How long will it take for me to recover from my chin implant surgery?

Everyone recovers at a different rate, but you can expect to be back at work after one to two weeks after swelling and bruising has subsided. Scars will be minimal as incisions are made either inside the mouth or well hidden in the crease of the chin. You will need to wear a facial support or chin sling to aid recovery for about a week afterwards. A soft or liquid diet may be required for about a week and drinking through a straw will make things easier. You will also be advised to use a soft toothbrush and use a mouth wash. Exercise and sport can be resumed after six weeks and the full affects of your surgery will be apparent within 2 months.

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